Brand Ambassador

What does it mean to be a BAM ambassador? 

We require you to post on Instrgram at least once a month.  These posts must be a photo of yourself wearing our products, or displaying our products in a polished and professional manner.  Your pictures must be clear and bright, to compliment our social media posts.  Facebook posts are also strongly encouraged, as we know the power of reaching women on that platform.  We do ask that once you choose to accept our invite to become an ambassador, that your social media accounts reflect our brand in a positive and appropriate fashion.  We consider you to be an extension of our brand and ask that you keep that in mind at all times.  That being said, we choose you for a reason, so we obviously want you to be yourselves and  get creative in your posts.  We are so overwhelmed by the response we got from our ambassador search, and we have put a lot of thought into how we want this program to run.  But we also have a lot of growing and learning to do, so please bare with us as we get things up and running.  We love that you are taking a chance on our company, and we will be looking for you to give us any input you have to offer.  If you have an event coming up, give us notice and we will help to find you any outfit your looking for. 

Why be a BAM ambassador?

You obviously love fashion, or want to start loving fashion and so why not get paid to do something you love? We feel that online shopping and mobile convenience is the way of the future and we hope that you will be a huge part of our success here at BAM.  Beyond being able to a part of an amazing squad of women, you will be compensated for your time